Price of treatments


Classical part body massage 20 min. 70 zł
Top-to-toe classical massage 40 min. 120 zł

Slimming massage–lymphatic drainage of the whole body 40 min.
It aims to improve lymphatic circulation and thus prevents diseases caused by the slump. It helps to eliminate stasis edema, lymphatic leakage, reduces bruising and hematoma resorption. It also cleanses the whole body, removes the waste products of metabolism.

150 zł
Mer & Sens Hot Stones Treatment 40 min
The eastern La Stone therapy is based on the philosophy of unity of the body, mind and soul. Hot volcanic stones simulate the flow of positive energy, create a feeling of balance, reduce stress, and improve the frame of mind. Aromatic oils leave the skin silky and soft.
150 zł
Warm honey massage, 40 min. 150 zł
Medy Jet Water Bed Massage15 min.
A pleasant form of hydro massage, where jets of water act through the surface of the water bed without a direct contact with the skin. Releases stiffness and tension in the neck, back and spine. Highly energizing and causes rapid regeneration. A wide selection of programmes allows you to choose a cocktail of selected massages bringing an immediate relief to the tight back muscles especially after a ling journey.
40 zł


Facial treatments

Modeling Mask – A thermal anti-wrinkle mask, 60 min. Intensive skin lifting treatment, shapes the oval of the face with the Initiale Marine - a plaster mask that customers like to take as a souvenir

170 zł

Aquarelle - Skin lightening treatment with micronized algae, 60 min. Energizing and moisturizing treatment for the gray and tired skin

140 PLN

Ocean Treatment For Men - Energizing - moisturizing treatment for men, 60 min. Flexibility and regeneration of male skin. Peeling, massage, ocean mask, cream

150 zł

Sealing treatment for dilated blood vessels 60 min. Cavitation peeling, algae mask, sonophoresis, vitamin. C and routine mask. Entering vit. C into the skin - treatment for vascular skin

140 PLN
Complete face cleansing + of two or three masks depending on the needs of skin up to 90 min. The treatment is designed to cleanse the skin with blackheads, smoothing and refreshment of the skin. 180 PLN
Nourishing treatment with chocolate mask – peeling, face massage, chocolate mask, facial cream, 60 min.  120 PLN
A feast for your skin - nourishing - moisturizer with caviar 60 min. An immediate improvement in tension and hydration of the skin, smoothing the facial wrinkles and those associated with aging. Supplementing the essential minerals 150 PLN


Body treatments

Indoceane  - exclusive body treatment, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, relaxes, removes the stress 80 min.
The whole procedure consists of three stages that originate from different parts of the world: the Mediterranean - sugar peeling with essential oils, India -massage with warm essential oil of sandalwood with the addition of oriental Indian spices, provide complete relaxation, China -aromatic mask containing the rice sprout oil that nourishes and provides the skin with a unique delicacy and sensuality.

250 zł
Thalgomince intensive part body slimming 60 min.
Treatment aimed at shaping and firming the tissue in the selected parts of the body. Intensively carried out and combined with a hand massage. It is favourite among men fighting with the "belly" and the ladies who would like to slim the certain parts of the body. Avoid swimming or showering after the treatment for 6 hours because the formula works for a long time after the removal of the wrap.
220 zł

Raspberry body mask with Bio - Caffeine from Guarana 60 min. (Guarana - Indian gift from the God - an elixir of youth)
Stress, hurry, cigarettes, overload the body, lack of exercise - all of that quickly destroys the nutrients responsible for your metabolism. Guarana provides the body with the ingredients, that quickly run out, and are responsible for the production of energy, oxygen, fitness and well-being. Stimulates the secretion of water and toxins by stimulating the microcirculation in the skin. Slims and shapes the body. Intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Reduces the swelling and stasis. Supports the proper metabolism and blood circulation. Raspberry extracts prevent the premature aging of the skin, regenerate, moisturize, anti-inflammatory, help to protect against UV rays, prevent the formation of the discoloration of skin.

150 zł

Chocolate 'RELAX - nourishing, slimming and a relaxing treatment 60 min.
It uses the valuable qualities of cocoa beans that contain the micronutrients and the theobromine (a substance similar to caffeine) for stimulating and energizing action. The treatment reduces the cellulite, tightens the skin after weight-loss diets, or pregnancy, regenerates the nutritional elements of the tired skin. The smell of chocolate stimulates the senses, relaxes and improves the mood. The body regains the healthy appearance, becomes smooth and refreshed.

150 zł

Body scrub - sugar or fruit peeling or honey

80 zł


Body treatments using the SPA equipment
SPA treatment in Derma Life Jet capsule 25 - 30 min. (depending on on the selected program)
Steam sauna, vibratory massage and heating with the infrared light, aromatherapy, mist system, foot massage, hot and cold Vichy shower. Choose from 11 programs to quickly regenerate mind and body, moisturize the skin, fight cellulite and accelerate the weight loss.
60 zł

Hydro massage in the bath Wellness & SPA Caracalla 20 min.
The anatomically moulded interior provides the comfort body massage. Underwater massage affects sequentially through the 286 water jets and 50 air jets, for another parts of the body, from the feet, through the legs, hips, arms and shoulders, and ending on the back. Relaxation therapy is supported with the light therapy (8 colours).
A sparkling Thalgo cube with the marine minerals + 10 PLN (at the request)

80 zł
Cleopatra’s bath - Egyptian ritual bath up to 20 min.
A sensual milk bath with a delicate fragrance of musk, relaxes and helps get rid of the stress. The combination of donkey milk and extracts of melon and peach, nourishes and moisturizes the skin giving it an incredible softness. Along with the relaxing music you will forget the everyday struggles and you will ease your body and mind.
80 zł
Bath in beer or in herbs or brine, 20 min. 80 zł


Additional treatments
Eyelash / eyebrow henna or eyebrow regulation  each for 25 zł
Facial Hair Removal - moustache,  25 zł
Hair removal of calves and whole legs  60 or 120 zł
Other Hair Removal - armpits, back, chest, arms each for 60 zł

Paraffin wax treatment for hands - refreshing, nourishing and moisturizing of hands

40 zł



Enjoy. Stay healthy and beautiful.