Pools & Saunas

The indoor swimming pool is on the ground floor in the main building. The size of the pool (4.5 x 12 metres) ensures comfortable use. Its water massage system will release the tension in your shoulders, spine and hips. The quality of water is controlled with the use of modern technologies, including the UV lamps.

Our little "beach" is equipped with deckchairs and heated benches. Take advantage of the "Fire and Ice Feet Treatment" — a walk in alternately hot and cold water.

This famous treatment invented by Prof. Kneipp stimulates blood circulation and provides relaxation to fatigued feet.

We recommend a visit to the reputable RUKU saunas. Made of selected grades of the German fir wood, they are finished in the exotic abachi wood which does not absorb heat and ensures comfort of use.

THE FINNISH SAUNA — for up to 6 people, is recommended to those who enjoy really high temperatures (90-100 degrees C). Your stay in the heated sauna is accompanied by relaxation music and colour therapy.

THE STEAM SAUNA (THERMIUM) — this novelty on the wellness market combines steam treatment with the gentle effect of infrared rays. The temperature of about 40 degrees C and humidity of 60-80 per cent create a nice atmosphere which can be additionally enhanced by aromatherapy with the use of essential oil mist. Apart from its cleansing and relaxing properties, a stay in the thermium decreases blood pressure.

The "starry sky" in the thermium, created with the use of alternating colours of led light strings, and the relaxation music, make the treatment favourite among our guests.

You are kindly requested to wear a hotel bathrobe and flip-flops in the SPA centre.