We specialize in hosting groups who wish to combine a training course or a conference with leisure and relaxation — also in the SPA.

We have one-day and two-day offers for your choice. During your stay, a training and entertainment room will be for your use. The room is equipped with a multimedia system. Evenings may be hosted by a professional DJ.

In cooperation with the customer, we arrange an agenda for participants to use the pool, saunas, and SPA treatments. We also propose activities in the open air.

An increasing number of corporations, organizations and institutions appreciate the combination of a training course with a visit to a SPA.

For detailed descriptions of the conference rooms, SPA treatments and other services, go to respective website sections. To book a conference with a visit to the SPA, please contact the hotel director — phone: + 48 609 777 307

Indulge in a variety of open-air activities in the proximity of the hotel. Tennis, cycling, sailing, canoeing, a shooting range, catamarans, paint ball, crate climbing, quads, table tennis, stationary bikes, deckchairs — all are there for you to explore and take advantage of!

Our large hotel garden is an excellent venue for picnics, competitions, games, thematic country-style events, etc.

Have a nightlong feast in the barbecue hut or a bonfire with sausage and apple roasting.

The adjoining lounge may be a venue for concerts, performances, dance parties, Karaoke evenings, and virtual computer games — game simulators.

Prices are adjusted to your requirements!